Website Design & Development Services.

Why Choose MTS – ເປັນຫຍັງຈິງເລືອກ MTS 

Website Development

Since the beginning when we found our company, our gold is to developed website that is easy to use and can easily manage by client without headache. I choose WordPress CMS as the primary technology to develop website for our client. WordPress is easy to use platform for our customer. They can manage and upload content by themselves without knowing any web development knowledge (just like using Microsoft Word). But the backend of website development script we all are taking care of.

MTS WordPress Themes

we have developed and create our own WordPress Theme to use with for our client’s projects. What is WordPress Theme? WordPress theme is the look and the feels or user interface (UI) of the website or the design interface of website. Some websites are look good some are not so good and some ugly that is dependent on the WordPress Theme that web developer use to develop website. By creating our own WordPress Theme, we can customize everything on the designs and functionality which is the most important for our client need. Clients have a different need in every website project, but we can customize for them all. This is very important, and it’s become the strongest point of doing business in the areas of web design and development for me.  we have created our own WordPress theme in 2017 this theme can use in very website and situation, and we can customize every function and design that client need from this base theme.  As a result, we can create and finish the website within minimum timeframe or very short dateline for client. But client also need to give us all the information and material within the timeframe

Our development process



we will start with the analyze the content of the website to be develop by looking at the website structure and content sitemap. The structure and content of the site will have to be agree and approved from client. The way we present the content and structure of website has to be easy to understandable by user and easy for them to navigate


After the content of the website has been approved from client and know the needed of the work. we will come up with the user design interface which will illustrate the flow of the user experience and interactive will be using in each design section. Client will get approve on this project design interface before moving on the code development


After in-house development test we will need client to supply the content of the website to put on the Website. then we will conduct final testing with client in order to look for possible change before launching the website


After the content and the design of the user interface is approval, the next step is bring all the ideas to develop in coding. I will be responsible for creating the content in the technology that we have mentions. as well as testing for debug in the code

ບໍລິການ ອອກແບບ ກາບຟີກ ດີຊາຍ

Graphic Design Services

A well-made design, with great attention-grabbing graphic design can attract many customers. MTS Design creates an impressive variety and vast array of graphic designs, such as logo designs, posters, stand banners, etc. We create them with good styles following your requirements and considering the nature of your business.

  • Designs that shine and command attention
  • Design loved by consumers
  • You won’t get them out of your mind
  • Manifestations of the world of a brand
  • Designs covered by the MTS DESIGN Satisfaction Guarantee

ບໍລິການ ພັດທະນາ ແອບສຳລັບມືຖື

Mobile Application Dev

Every business desires an app that connects with users, builds personal relationships and provides on-going value to keep users coming back.

But how do you achieve this?

Our experience has taught us that it never happens by accident. You need a mobile application developer with end-to-end, soup-to-nuts, single source capability to ensure that your business never relies on chance

  • Cross Platform Android & iOS App.
  • Backend Mobile base on GraphQL & REST API.
  • Out Standing UI/UX for Mobile.

ບໍລິການ ພັດທະນາ ເວັບແອບພີເຄຊັ້ນ

Web Application Database Development

We make Web Application Development an easy process with our fine eye for detail, vast expertise and knowledge in user experience, behavior and all the functionalities of the application. You can focus on getting your customers and promoting the web app while we focus on making sure the web application development is seamless, responsive to the market and fully functional. 

  • work with secure, fool-proof open-source technologies
  • MEAN stack structure solutions
  • design and develop to function across any device
  • factoring application functions into simple, shorter workflows
  • responsive to all devices and browsers
  • 100% no bugs, no glitches

ບໍລິການໃຫ້ຄຳປືກສາ ດ້ານລະບົບ IT

IT Consultant & Services

We provide IT Training and Consultant to government or International organization to find solution to their problem. if you have any problems you can reach us for help

  • IT Training
  • Web Hosting Infastructure Consultant
  • Maximize your website security with fast and secure web hosting services. Never fail, never get hacked.
  • Flexible hosting packages to fit your needs
  • Security penetration tests with the models that we apply in various industries such as banking, finance, healthcare